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Diplomatic activities by Eritrean nationals

Eritrean nationals in Diaspora have conducted various diplomatic activities.

Asmara, 14 December 2018- Eritrean nationals in Diaspora have conducted various diplomatic activities.

According to report, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, Eritrean Ambassador to Uganda and Mr. Saleh Omar, Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa and Southern African countries, participated at the first summit of the BRICS countries with African, Middle East, Asian and Latin American countries that was held in Pretoria.

At the summit that was officially opened by President Cyril Ramaphosa of the Republic of South Africa briefings were presented focusing on multilateralism, industrial development, inclusive economic development and peace and stability. Eritrean and Ethiopian representatives also presented briefings on the progress of peace and friendship accord reached by the two countries.

Likewise, the Eritrean Ambassador to France, Ms. Hanna Simon participated at the 11th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) that was held in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Hanna said that the Horn of Africa has been for several years an extremely volatile region subject to war, tension, political and economic problems and that the region has been paying heavy costs in a wide range of areas, such as losing development opportunities and jeopardizing migration management capacities. The presentations delivered by the representatives of Eritrea and Ethiopia have received wide range acclamation by the participants of the conference.

Eritrean nationals in the German cities of Mannheim and Stuttgart observed the International Day of the Disabled with various programs.

At the program organized in Stuttgart the ‘Eritrean Patriots Group’ extended electronic wheel chairs worth 9,500 Euros, nationals in Belingen 3,000 Euros and nationals in Mannheim 2,587 Euros in support of National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans.

Similarly, Eritrean nationals in Rehovot, Israel donated 2,200 Dollar towards augmenting the martyrs’ trust fund.

Likewise nationals in Cincinnati, US, as well as nationals residing in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Perth, Sidney, Brisbane and Adelaide expressed support to the peace agreement reached between Eritrea and Ethiopia and celebrated the lifting of the unwarranted sanctions that was imposed on Eritrea. The nationals also expressed readiness to strengthen participation in the implementation of the national development drives.

The heads of national organizations in Italy also conducted activity assessment meeting from 8 to 9 December in Rome. At the meeting the nationals expressed support to the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet, Charge d’Affairs at Eritrean Embassy in the US conducted seminar to nationals in Denver-Colorado on the objective situation in the homeland.

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