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Merhawi Kudus Finishes Tour of Turkey at the Final GC Podium, Astana

As he did in his triumphant journey during the Tour Ruwanda 2019, once again, Merhawi kudus was able to hold the Eritrean flag in pride during the Tour of Turkey 2019, finishing 3rd in the race.The ambitious cyclist has recently joined the Astana Pro Team and has already shown his importance for the team. Today, Q&A shares articles written about his recent tournament from his cycling team’s social media outlet.

Merhawi Kudus was one of the first few members of the ‘Eritrean wave’ of riders to make their way to cycling’s top level. The 25-year-old has recently joined Astana Pro Team and has already proven to be a valuable asset for his new team with an overall victory in the Tour du Rwanda.


Astana Pro Team rider Merhawi Kudus finished Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey at the final podium, finishing with the Top3 of the strongest riders of 55th edition of the race. It is the first GC podium for an Eritrean champion in a UCI World Tour race.

The final sixth stage of the race ended at the historical center of Istanbul with a massive sprint won by Australian rider Caleb Ewan.

The Top 3 of the general classification of the race did not change starting from the decisive mountain stage, with the overall winner Felix Großschartner and Valerio Conti at the second place.

– I enjoyed this race, we had a really good week with my teammates, who were doing a great job for me every stage, and I really appreciate it. Thanks to my team for the trust and for giving me this opportunity. It was not an easy race with only one chance for the climbers yesterday, where I tried my best. Finally, we got 3rd place, and I’m happy with this result and I’m looking forward for other races, commented Merhawi Kudus.

We are satisfied with the race results; we set as our minimum goal to be at the podium. The whole team worked very well during this week, for our Kazakhstan riders it was also the final stage of their preparation for Asian Championships that will start next week. We want to thank race organizers, all our fans and our general partner, Samruk-Kazyna, for the support, concluded sports director Sergey Yakovlev.

The queen mountain stage of Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey ended Sunday after a very cold 160 km of racing, all day raining and a snowfall at the summit finish on Kertepe climb.

Due to bad weather and snowfall at the final mountain, organizers decided to move the finish line 4 km down.

Astana Pro Team rider Merhawi Kudus made a solid performance with brave solo attack at 2 km to go, but was caught by the stage winner at 500 meters to the finish line when the road becomes more flat and finally finished 3rd, concluding the podium of the strongest riders of the day.

We did everything we had to do by the plan during the team meeting this morning. My teammates supported me as much as they can. When the climb starts they set a super hard pace, it was really great job. I felt good and I attacked at 2 km to go, but last kilometer with the snow was so cold, even I couldn’t pedal. Stage winner Felix Großschartner went past me 200 meters before the finish and Valerio Conti only at the finish line. A bit disappointed, I tried my best, but finally the weather condition was not my favorite. Anyway I’m happy with this result, I want to thank all my team with a really great job and amazing support especially with today’s whether, it was all day raining and snow at the finish, I really appreciate it, said Merhawi Kudus after the finish.

Eritrean Football Phenomenon Alexander Issak Scores Goal for Nipsey Hassle

Swedish – Eritrean professional footballer, Alexander Isak is a rising star at the European soccer these days. The 19 year old football star, whose name has been mentioned in many media outlets, has recently been asked by his Eritrean fans to score a goal in the name of Nipsey Hussle, the legendary Eritrean- American rapper who was gunned down recently. Alexander paid his tribute to Nipsey by scoring a goal. Here’s a reproduction of an article about the event posted on

By Willem II

Eritrean football fans in the Netherlands asked Alexander Issak to score a goal for Nipsey Hussle. The talented striker delivered by scoring a goal heading into the 60th minute of the match.

Willem II has the flow again. Opponent PEC Zwolle could not claim a good result on Sunday afternoon. While the Tilburg defense kept things in order in the back, Alexander Isak drove the people of Zwolle in the front to despair. With an assist and his twelfth goal from twelve games, he emphatically left his mark on the 2-0 victory.

The more Alexander scores, the more cameras and microphones are aimed at him. “I know I’m doing well,” Alexander said coldly. “Then it makes sense that interest is aroused by various media.” The Swede, with Eritrean roots, let all the attentions calmly come over him. “It’s no problem for me. I am not distracted and try to concentrate as much as possible on my game. “

Extra energy

All that publicity had also ensured that the Tilburg public was introduced to the Eritrean flag on Sunday. The bright green – red – light blue colored the grandstand of the King Willem II stadium. Especially after Alexander’s goal, an exuberant celebration was held in the vicinity of the ‘Go Isak, yes you can’ banner. “I knew they were coming,” Alexander was aware of the visit from Eritrea. “My father told me there would be an Eritrean group in the stadium today. They have crafting rings from palm leaves. In many churches and other parts of the world congregations twist palms into the shape of a cross to commemorate the day, or use other branches if palms are not easily accessible. In some parts of Europe, churchyards are strewn with branches and flowers. The holiday is often celebrated with a procession. Palm Sunday signifies the beginning of the last week of Lent — and the beginning of the Holy Week.

And then there is H’mamat (Passion or the Suffering of Jesus Christ from the Last Supper until his Crucifixion). Many people abstain from worldly things like dancing and booze. The days after Hosanna are a bit gloomy.

However, Hamus Tsgbo (Maundy Thursday) seems to brighten things up a little bit. Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter, believed to be the day Jesus celebrated his final Passover with His disciples. Most notably, that Passover meal was when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in an extraordinary display of humility. He then commanded them to do the same for each other. In Eritrea, Maudy Thursday is traditionally celebrated by eating boiled legumes, which are given to children and adults alike. One can eat as much as one likes.

Then comes Arbi Siklet (Good Friday). Some people wear the Christ’s thorn or Spina Christ, a spreading shrub of the GABA, around their head. People go to church and repeat Kyrie Elision until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Good Friday is observed as a strict fast, and Christians are expected to abstain from all food and drink the entire day.

In Eritrea, when Church services are over, mostly at six or seven in the afternoon, people go home and gather as a family to break the fast together. After eating, the whole family has coffee while the little ones drink tea or juice.
gathered from different parts of the country. I don’t know them personally, but it was wonderful to see those flags. That gave me extra energy today. “

With a fast foot movement, he was at the basis of the first goal in the first half. The cross, which was intended for Damil Dankerlui, was worked by Zwollenaar Mike van Duinen in his own goal. Alexander makes the second Tilburg goal after the break. Or was his shot still fired by Vangelis Pavlidis, who was in the path of the shot? “I think it was my goal,” Alexander looked back. “I shot at the goal and a second later the ball was in.” In injury time he could also have made his second of the day. From eleven meters, he shot the fists of goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart. A missed penalty kick with no consequences. “You could see it that way, but I am especially glad that I scored at least one again.”

Utilizing space

The Eritrean party in the gallery was no less. And the Willem II legion effortlessly participated. With the play-offs for European football a bit better in sight, there was plenty of reason for that. Had the good play of Alexander been a matter of carefree, free play or the right focus? “The latter,” said Alexander with determination. ‘My specialty is that I am in the right position to use the space. You have to be well focused for that. “

Eritrean football fans in the Netherlands asked Alexander Isak to score goal for Nipsey Hussle. The talented striker delivered by scoring a goal heading into the 60th minute of the match.

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