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International Workers’ Day observance

The International Workers’ Day was observed today, May 1 under the theme “Vocational Capacity in the New Era”.

Asmara, 01 May 2019- The International Workers’ Day was observed today, May 1 under the theme “Vocational Capacity in the New Era”.

At the event held at national level at the Arebona entertainment center, the Chairman of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers, Mr. Tekeste Baire explaining the uniqueness of the observance of the day, indicated that the confederation is working by designing programs that corresponds with the new era and in congruent with national development endeavors.

Indicating that without strong organization capacity there is no way forward; Mr. Tekeste said that strong effort will be exerted to strengthen organizational capacity of workers and especially that of youth workers. Mr. Tekeste went on to say that more focus will be given for strengthening the capacity of the economic sectors and boost productivity.

Commending the role and commitment the Eritrean workers demonstrated in the past period of development and resilience, Mr. Woldeyesus Elisa, D. G. of Labor at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, called for strengthening organizational capacity and participation in the implementation of the national development drives.

Pointing out that the International Workers’ Day is a day in which the Eritrean workers renew their pledge for a better future, the statement issued by the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers called on the Eritrean workers to remember the challenges they had to go through in a bid to realize social and economic development and shoulder responsibility for boosting productivity and renew pledge to work with diligence and commitment.

The event was featured by tree planting and other activities depicting the International Workers’ Day.

The International Workers’ Day is being observed for the 129th time at international level and for the 28th time at national level.

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