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AU stance may exacerbate the situation in the Sudan

AU stance may exacerbate the situation in the Sudan

The inherent flaws that have afflicted the African Union since its inception; its failure to meet the aspirations of the African people; as well as, the liabilities that have ensued from this poignant reality are well-known and widely shared to merit emphasis.  Unfortunately, efforts exerted towards reforming the AU have not succeeded to date.

Its evident weaknesses aside, what has become more perplexing in the past years is its unwitting role to provide suitable pretexts for external intervention.

The AU’s posturing on the events unfolding in the Sudan is a recent and vivid illustration of this deplorable state of affairs.

In the event, the Government of Eritrea requests the AU to refrain from internationalizing and exacerbating the situation in the Sudan.

Ministry of Information
5 June 2019


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