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Do your Asmara Lego; start with Fiat!

In the course of two years we might be able to put a Lego model of the iconic building, Fiat, for our children to play with or for our own amusement. Every morning, while driving to the school where he teaches math, Mr. Alberto Coruzzi, would be mesmerized by Asmara’s iconic buildings, especially the FIAT Tagliero. He then came up with the idea of building a Lego model of FIAT and it turned out brilliantly! Enjoy building your 60cm square Lego Fiat with the 1300 pieces and be the Lego engineer of Asmara’s unique futuristic icon with Coruzzi’s project.

  • -Hello, thank you for your time.

Thank you for having me. I am Coruzzi Alberto. I am from Italy and I teach math and science at the Italian school in Asmara.

  • -When did you arrive in Asmara?

I arrived in Asmara some four years and a half ago and it has been an amazing stay. I did hear about Asmara even before coming to Asmara and what I have found has definitely exceeded my expectation. This has been my home and I have enjoyed the friendship of its inhabitants. It took me only three months to completely feel at home.

  • -You suffered from heart attack as soon as you came here. However, following your medication abroad you chose to come back and as you were telling me you’ve settled here for a long time. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to remain in Italy given your health conditions?

It would have been, but the charm of Asmara has captivated me so much so I had to get back here and live here. Now that my term is almost over I leave Asmara with a heavy heart. I have enjoyed every moment of my stay… Asmara is a beautiful city. People might think that I am stating the obvious for an Italian but it is not. That perception is wrong. The unique buildings and the structure of the city are remarkable but what makes Asmara exceedingly special are the inhabitants and their unique identity; extremely welcoming, humble and friendly. People talk to you with ease; you can converse about things from the past and the present. But my favorite part of Asmara is its sky. The sky in Asmara is of a different blue, sometimes extremely exaggerated. My favorite season of the year in Asmara is that of September, October and November. The light of these months is extraordinary; perfect for capturing memorable photographs. In few words Asmara is just simply scenic as it is.

  • So how did you come up with the idea of building FIAT structured Lego? To begin with, is Lego a hobby of yours?

It is a hobby I developed when I was young. My father would present me with Lego toys. It is something that triggers childhood memories; a hobby that I cherish deeply. The idea of building a Lego model using FIAT came up after many rides to the school where I teach. One day a bulb of idea lit in my head and starting from that day I have spent every hour I could building the Lego. The structuring of the pieces is nowadays feasible with a computer app. It took many hours of my weeks but it was finally possible. In time frame that stretches from June 2018 to March 2019, one piece at a time, the Lego model of FIAT was realized. The Lego is a reproduction of FIAT on the ground. Everything visible is remodeled in the Lego model. In order to do so I also had taken hundreds of photographs.

  • -I am sure it hasn’t been easy. Did you receive anyone’s help?

The computer application makes so many parts of the process easy. It takes time but definitely doable. That being said I’d like to mention the help of my Eritrean friends, engineers, which I received in order to better conceptualize the edifice of FIAT Tagliero.

  • -Why did you initiate this project and what are you doing it for?

Honestly, my days are extremely booked with school activities. I initiated the project out of pure love for the city of Asmara and its inhabitants. When I first had the idea of building a Lego model I was further encouraged by the idea that this would be the perfect ‘thank you for having me’ gift to the people of Asmara. There is no personal interest that I am putting behind the project. I am doing everything out of appreciation and respect for the Eritrean people. If the project is finalized and Lego builds the remake of FIAT the income will be contributed towards the safeguard and preservation of the Asmara Heritage.

  • -What do we need to do in order to see Lego FIAT out in the global market?

We need votes. The project has been submitted but if you go to the official web page of Lego and search FIAT, the project will be one of the first results to come under the search engine. Follow the steps to support the project with your Gmail or FaceBook account. If the project gets 10000 votes in the course of two years that comprise three stages, then we finally will have Lego FIAT produced, packed and sold.

  • Okay, any final remarks?

I would like to express my admiration towards the people of Asmara from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Mr. Coruzzi has submitted his work to Lego and if the project gets over 10000 votes it will be commercialized. Mr. Alberto says his project is his heart to the inhabitants of this beautiful city he has fallen in love with. Help the project succeed; it is only a vote away. VOTE NOW!

IF you like the Fiat Tagliero project made with Lego bricks, designed by prof. Coruzzi, support it on the page:

h t t p s : / / i d e a s . l e g o . c om/ projects/8e37871b-b62a-4e24- ae68-aa81e2fa4e7d
Or, search on GOOGLE for “Fiat Tagliero lego”. It is one of the first sites to come out of research.
Once you have reached the page, click on SUPPORT and you will be given access to the Lego Ideas site.

Login with Facebook or GOOGLE if you use GMAIL.
Enter your password (Facebook or GMAIL), and click on “create account”. Choose a password for the Lego account (10 characters of which at least 3 are numbers), enter the month, day and year of birth and at the end click on “agree”. A code of six figures will arrive on your Facebook or GMAIL mailbox. Insert it on the page of the Lego and accept.

At this point return to the main page and click on SUPPORT again.

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