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“Never give up”, a principal to follow!

Today, Q&A presents an interview Gideon Tedros, a member of the 9th round of Sawa, had with Hadas Eritrea. As one of the students who were praised for their good behavior and being hardworking, Gideon used to always manage to be one of the best students at school. However, despite his expectations, he wasn’t happy with the result he got the first time he took the National Matriculation Exams. But he never gave up on anything; he made himself believe that he could upgrade the scores he got, which were enough for him only to join a certificate program at college.
Now, after many years, Gideon got his Masters from the Beijing Normal University in comparative education. Working as an assistant of academic affairs at the Asmara Community College, he keeps on dreaming to upgrade his education to PHD.


  • Thank you for joining us today. Would you tell us a little bit from your childhood, Gideon?

Well, I always was a calm kid which I think I still am. I have always had the full support of my family which I can say is the secret to my success in my education. I was one of the best students from childhood until the time I got to the University.

  • The impact of Sawa, how would you describe your experience there?

To be honest, I didn’t travel a lot before I went to Sawa. I also didn’t have any kind of work experience before I got there.

Everything in Sawa was all new for me. Obviously, I tried to do enough mental and physical preparations before I went there.

As expected, I got used to everything right when I got there.

Speaking about how Sawa influenced me. It changed my life for the better. Every practice in Sawa did a lot more than just swaying me; it filled my life with discipline and knowledge. The diverse cultures I came to know through reading and TV, I was now part of it and learned a lot from everyone who came from different parts of the country with various backgrounds and traditions. Also, what fascinated me the most was the team work that we were able to practise among the team mates. It was something that I was inspired by and gained a lot from.

  • Well, getting out of Sawa with that, what was your next step?

Well, since we went to Sawa after we took the Matriculation exams, those who got a passing result were back to their places to continue their education. I wasn’t completely thrilled about my matriculation scores. It was below what I had hoped and worked for. However, I wasn’t demoralized by it; I got a result which only allowed me to get to the certificate level. I strongly believed that it wasn’t the end of my educational journey. I joined the Institute of Business and Trade and I studied Accounting.

Nonetheless, while studying Accounting, I managed to take the matriculation exams for the second time, and as I have worked for it, I got results which allowed me to get my degree.

I majored in Biology and graduated in 2005. After my graduation, I worked in different places as a teacher, director, and head of the pedagogy department till I was presented with a chance for a higher education in China where I did my Masters in Comparative Education for two years. This specific department deals with the educational policy and planning and studies the curriculum of the different levels of school.

I graduated with a score of 90.1. Studying Comparative Education totally changed my views as a teacher. I believe that working in my profession is going to be helpful in many ways.

  • What is the experience you got out of China?

Well, first and foremost, I would like to tell you how I felt when I first got the chance. I was so proud of myself for not giving up. I didn’t get discouraged when I first scored low in the exams. If I did I wouldn’t be where I am now. So this was a lesson to learn. There isn’t a thing you can’t do if you worked hard enough.

Beijing is one of the biggest and most amazing places on earth. One of the most interesting things about the city is its historical sites that represent its culture and the country. I went to the Beijing Normal University (BNU). The university has a great connection with the Ministry of Education of China. It has more than 30,000 students; 3,000 of them are international students. The university has all the required facilities which make easier the intense courses. I was lucky to have all the good experiences there.

  • Well, Gideon, would you please share with us some of your future plans?

Well, I want to share the great education I was fortunate enough to get with everyone here. I plan to carry on w o r k s h o p s on different schools which I think would be helpful. Again, I want to do a lot of research based on my p r o f e s s i o n . Besides all, I don’t want to stop dreaming. I want to work hard to upgrade my masters to a PHD.

  • Before we part, anything you would like to say?

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my family for their support throughout these years. I also want to appreciate Asmara Community College for giving me the chance to study in China. Again, I want to thank Dr. Samsom Maekele for his unconditional support when I was in China.

Most of all, I want to stress that students who come back after completing their higher education opportunities should be presented with a ground to serve with their professions.

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