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Sawa: Twin Commencements Amidst 25th Anniversary

Sawa has hosted twin commencements- the graduation of the 32nd round of national service trainees, which was held on August 2, and the 10th commencement of Sawa Vocational Training Center (SVTC) held on August 3. The 25th anniversary of the establishment of Sawa Training Center gave an added color to the events. The ceremony started at 6:30 AM. with a song by six artists entitled “Nihna Endina”. The song highlighted Sawa’s contribution in building strong nationalism and perseverance among young Eritreans. It describes Sawa as a center that boosts self confidence and as a haven of dignity and prosperity. The song was followed by comedies and musical dramas.

Artists Tedros Mengstu and Berhane Teweldemedhin sung in unison “Filmawitey” (Pioneer). The song gives weight to harmony that is marked by new experience and common understanding among all ethnic groups.

In his speech, Mr. Tesfai Tewelde said that the graduates are from 13 departments — Drafting, Survey, Building Construction, Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Auto Mechanics, General Wood work, Machine shop, Carpentry, Plumbing and Metal work.

At the occasion, the Center also presented certificates to its first generation of graduates in the fields of Auto Mechanics, Electronics, Machine Shop as well as Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

The introduction of new machineries has enabled the graduates to acquire up-to-date skills. The viable ground created for the students was highly instrumental in encouraging them to engage in invention and innovation works. All the graduates of SVTC have been trained for two years.

“The graduating class of the 10th commencement has demonstrated remarkable excellence in operating the newly introduced machines and their performance is an evidence of the quality of education being provided in the Center,” Mr. Tesfai said.

Through their songs, Amanuel Ghilagabr, Mussie Hadish, Eyassu Tesfhuney and others, who are members of the 1st round of national service, take the audience 25 years back and triggered nostalgic feelings of the 1994. Members of the 1st round of the national service, who are in their 40s, flocked to the stage to express their support for the six singers. The singers, the members of the national service and the audience were filled with joy and memories, and the pioneers of the national service program took a group photo.

At its 10th commencement, SVTC graduated 489 male and 421 female students. Overall, a total of 20,000 students have graduated since the establishment of the training center.

Outstanding students received awards of merit from Mr. Alamin Mohammed Said, PFDJ Secretary. Students who scored distinguished results have also received their awards from President Isaias Afwerki.

What is very encouraging about the vocational trainings is not only the participation of female students in all fields of studies but also the excellence they demonstrated throughout the provision of the courses.

Representing the graduating class, Siem Ghebrehiwet said that they are all ready to renew their pledge to build a prosperous nation by shouldering the responsibility to serve their country and people with determination. He commended the Government of Eritrea for the huge investment it has made to provide education and the teachers and parents for their unremitting support.

Teadilka”You are Lucky” – a song by Awet Teklemaria, calls on the graduates to follow in the footsteps of veteran fighters, preserving the dignified values. He describes Warsay as an institution that does double tasks at a given time.

“Mahla” (Promise) -a musical drama by Ghebru Ghebreab – narrates Sawa’s journey of 25 years. The 25- minute long drama highlights the essence of Sawa and the connection between Sawa and Safeguarding national sovereignty.

A drama by Yonas Mihreatab, titled “Phobia”, is about the negative rumors that were disseminated about Sawa and the military training during the launching of the national service program. The drama was comical and was greeted by the audience with applauses and whistles.

While the colorful events were underway, residents of Homib Administration area presented a traditional dress and a sword as a gift to President Isaias. The elders dressed the President with a traditional outfit.

After the closing of the artistic shows, President Isaias opened an exhibition organized by SVTC. The graduating students showcased various creative works in their respective fields of studies. In the evening hours of August 3, cultural shows were staged as part of the entertainment programs organized in connection with the graduation event of the 32nd round of national service.

The closing ceremony on August 4 was opened with a song, “Aranshi Melke’a”, by Amanuel Weldegabr (Momona). The song celebrates an Eritrean lady’s beauty.

Almost all members of the 32nd round of national service flocked to the dance floor with great joy and enthusiasm. This song received a standing ovation.

“Sawa”, by Amanuel Hadish, was the next song. The general message of the song is that “We are coming to you, Sawa, to serve and safeguard our national sovereignty, and above all, to honor and fulfill the trust of our fallen heroes.” is a general message conveyed in this song.

An account of the overall activities carried out from 2 to 4 August was given by Lieutenant Col. Temesgen Samuel. He highlighted the contribution of various parties towards the success of the week of festivity. A total of 14 dramas, two of which are comedies, 31 songs , a display of 1400 photographs of the fallen heroes (all are members of the national service), impressive military parades, carnival and cultural shows as well as sports competitions were presented.

As a guest of honor, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said that the event was marked by active participation of the youth. It was an event that depicts the noble Eritrean values. All the performances were by the youth to the youth, most of the activities featured in the event were reflective of the culture of work and of love and unity. Active participation of children and visiting guests from inside the country and abroad gave the event an added color.

Ms. Askalu finally congratulated the 32nd round of the national service and the graduates of SVTC.” I am optimistic you will implement what you have learned on the ground and work actively to serve the society,” Ms. Askalu said. “What was showcased by the graduating students of SVTC was highly impressive and is the outcome of their hard work.” The graduates of the twin commencements are lucky as they are embarking on a new era of hope and prosperity.

Tekle Teklemariam (Weditikul) takes the venue to sing “Sawa”. In this song Sawa is personified as the inheritor of all the heroic feats of the Eritrean people. Sawa, which was once a wilderness, became a paradise. Nationals have gone to Sawa to implement their pledge to the martyrs trust.

The closing ceremony continued with other cultural shows by Walta Cultural Troupe and was colorfully concluded with the staging of “Sawa Internet Cafe” – a comedy in Tigre language- and other cultural performances.

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