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Star on the Rise: Danait’s Exemplary Devotion to Art and Education

Growing up in a house where music was of great interest, it was no surprise that little Danait Yohannes dreamt of becoming a singer just like her older sister and, most of all, just like her famous father. As her musician father kept practicing with her playing on the side, the love of music grew inside her. Danait then decided to be a singer when she grew up. Understanding the value of education and music, she was advised by her father to pay attention to her studies first and music next.

Meet Danait Yohannes, an Educational Administration graduate who served as a teacher for four years while following her dream of becoming a singer. She is currently a member of Asser Band and has released many songs that have earned her appreciation from fans.

From Father to the Daughters…. A Legacy to Keep Alive

My dad, as well as my sister, was my biggest inspiration. When I was a child, my dad used to do his constant rehearsals at home. I used to see him and listen to his music which made me want to be just like him when I grew up. Growing up, I tried to be as involved as I could be in music. I remember that I used to be part of various cultural activities during my high school years. But it was when I got into college that I really started to be serious about it.

To be honest, it is such a blessing to have two great musicians as an inspiration. Besides my father my older sister has been in the music filed for quite some time now and that is something that helps me a lot in my career. I learn many things from her and they both guide me.

School is Important …. And so is Music!

While I was a freshman, my dad counseled me to give my studies a great deal of attention. He told me that I could follow my passion whenever I want and feel like it, but being educated is the most important portion of my life that I have to give a 100% attention. He was right and I agreed. I tried to put my interest away for a while and I just focused on my studies. However, that didn’t work for me. No matter how hard I tried to be away, music just pulled me back. And I just had to figure out a way to keep my studies and passion in check. Just like that I was back into being involved during my 1st year of college. Balancing my studies and music was challenging at times. However, I had the strong will to be an artist. Sometimes, during rehearsals for performances at festivals or other events, I could see how hard my dorm-mates were studying for their exams and that was one of the times I felt that it was an obstacle. However, I managed to get my diploma in Educational Administration in 2015. The field I studied really did change my perspectives in life and has become of great help in how I manage my life and my career as well.

The Musical Journey Begins

The first time I performed was during my freshman year. I had a chance to present a song I had previously recorded before I went to Sawa. People who knew about me motivated me to perform. It was without a doubt the best feeling I have ever felt. I felt like it was the beginning and that I was making my way in the music industry. The kind of support I got from the audience was spectacular and it was a moment that made me believe that I can actually do it.

After wards, I was transferred to the Eritrean Institute of Technology where I joined the musical group. The musical group was part of many entertainment programs such as events that were organized by the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students and inter college festivals. The inter-college festivals were one of the most interesting times in my career. The competition between the colleges was so fierce and everyone who participated at the event did their best to not let their colleges down. I would never forget the heated up competitions we all had. During the festival, I was able to present one of my dad’s songs about the country. I worked hard on it and made many changes to it. I was happy to find out that it was one of the songs that were selected for the closing ceremony. I also got to present it on the closing ceremony of the Halhale College of Business and Economics. I was also fortunate to perform at two of the National Youth Festivals in Sawa. One of them was a song I did with my sister.

But most of all, singing at our graduation ceremony was something that I wouldn’t forget. Artist Haileab, best known as Wedi Qerin, told me that it would be nice to sing at my graduation and he wrote the lyrics and music for me. The song was about how precious our graduation day was for all of us graduates of the day. Singing for all my college mates and congratulating them on the stage through my song meant the world to me. But, the one song that really brought me to the public was a song I did titled Ekilti Iye (I am a grown up). It was a song that has earned me great fans.

Working on music does require many things and patience. Starting from choosing a song, doing the audio, to making the clip surely do give you a hard time, but that is what it takes to come up with a good music. So I know that I need to work hard to be great in this field which is why I do a lot of rehearsals and I am very careful in choosing my songs. I am a beginner and I want to work hard to do better.

Follow Your Dreams…. A Tip from Danait.

I want to tell all the Eritrean females with all kinds of talents, especially those who have talent for music, to come out and share it with the world. The music field is just the same as all kinds of careers and I would like to remind the society to recognize young people’s passion and support them in any way.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to my parents, Yohannes Estifanos and Almaz Ghirmay, for their unconditional support throughout my life and career. I would also like to thank all my colleagues and friends; I wouldn’t have done it without them.


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