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The Run Way Is her Arena

She is 25, light-dark skinned, tall with a figure that tells you at the first sight she is a model. Meet Adiam Abraham, a model who got in to fashion rather accidentally.

Today, almost seven years since she started her career as a model, Adiam is now one of the most famous models who bung up the run way with her energetic catwalks at every fashion show. Turning her attention from being a prize winning student to one of the best models was just something that came on along the way, and she does it well.

Talking about the views of the community about models and modeling, she has made the time to be here with us.

  • It’s nice to have you here with us, Adiam. Please enlighten our readers about who you are?

Thank you for having me. I was born in Saudi Arabia, and I came here when I was just a little girl. I had so much devotion to school and I never missed a chance to be a prize winner. To be totally honest, becoming a model was never in my thoughts; it just sort of happened. It came as a surprise to everyone who knew me, not only because I was deep into my studies but also I used to be a shy kid.

The first time I went into modeling was back when I was in high school. There was a school fashion show and I was one of the models who were nominated for the program. I actually didn’t want to do it, so the teachers motivated me to take part for the sake of my school. The same thing happened while I was in Sawa; I was pushed to participate representing my unit after I refused at the fashion show that was being organized for an event. However, after Sawa, I got my diploma in Management from SMAP Institution.

  • Turning your commitment to fashion, how did it happen?

After my graduation I wasn’t planning on pursing modeling as a career. However, soon I was approached by a designer, Luul Tekle, aka Ayni Fashion. He used to see me around town and he told me that I would be good in modeling. Designer Ayni did more than encourage me; he was the one who made me a model. He volunteered to train us all, almost 25 girls he thought had the potential to become models, in his private house. We took a year-long training regarding the principles of modeling, cat walk and other related subjects. He was committed to making us competent models and he separated us through our performances. Training with the girls created a ground of competition among all of us, which was another way that made us work hard to become good at what we do. Those who were making progress had better opportunities of participating in fashion shows, ads, and photo-shoots.

  • You said becoming a model came as a surprise to your loved ones. Has it brought any kind of challenges on your way?

As I said, there wasn’t an indication that I even had the confidence to follow this kind of path. As expected, my family didn’t support me fully. Let alone my family, friends and neighbors thought that I was losing my way. This is totally wrong. I am sad to say that our community has a fault in this. They automatically think negatively if a girl gets into modeling. Well, in fact, modeling is a multibillion dollar business which is taking over the fashion industry. It is a career that requires confidence and discipline. At first, my family wasn’t able to understand that and it was challenging. Nonetheless, after participating at a promotional fashion show I hosted with a friend of mine, they were able to support me in any way I wanted. At the moment, my father is my biggest devotee. I would like to give him my heartfelt appreciation and I am forever grateful. He is the one who gives me a ride everywhere I go to get my fittings, make up and anything else.

  • Modeling and its ethics, would you tell us a little about it?

Just like any other profession, modeling has its own rules. Starting from the way you walk to the expression on your face. The run way isn’t supposed to be walked in slowly, and a model is supposed to put on a serious smile. She isn’t there to entertain herself or others; she is simply there to showcase the outfits in the best way possible. And this is something that most of our models fail to understand. Some models create their own walking styles and face expression which degrades the value of modeling. Even if you try to apply the right modeling principles on the runway, people just don’t understand it. I, for starters, walk fast and don’t smile when I am on the run way, and because of that, people always take it in a wrong way. They just assume that I am too proud. But this is what a model should be like.

  • You are one of the most well-known models here in Asmara; do you have anything to say about that?

Well, I have been doing fashion shows at almost every fashion show there is ever since 2013. I have been fortunate and I am grateful to all the designers who allow me to follow my passion. But I am more grateful to the designers who have made me realize that I can do much better and that I can be successful in this field. Designers such as Ruftalem Abraham, Samrawit Fitwi, Saron Amanuel and Feven Kibrom have told me that I have the potential to be great. They are the reason I dream to continue to be someone in the fashion industry.

Apart from the fashion shows, clips and ads, I had the pleasure to take part in a competition that was sponsored by Mussie Zeweldi in 2017. Fortunately, I won the competition among the models. It was a competition which created a great opportunity for the models to work on their skills. On the way I would like to stress that if competitions like that rise in number, I am sure that the modeling career would improve, and it certainly can help in bringing models that are proficient onto the international level.

  • Where is your passion going to take you in the future?

Well, I try to upgrade my skills through reading and by watching different media programs regarding fashion and modeling. I also dream to pursue a designing career in the future to which I would like to give a lot of time and dedication.

  • Anything at last, Adiam?

Yes please. I am an outcome of everyone who has supported me along the way — my family, friends and the people I mentioned before. I just would like to thank them all. Also, I wish for there to be many opportunities; they could be courses, funds, competitions, anything as long as it aims to reinforce the fashion industry of the country. We have many talented designers but they need to be supported in order to bring out the best in them.

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