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How many times have we heard people saying “beauty is pain”?

And we somehow approve it. As absurd the quote sound, it is a rationalization we follow in using painful make up and out fits. ”Beauty is pain” is a famous quote especially to ladies. Can we really call any appearance of any sort as beautiful whilst it’s painful? Why should beauty be on the price of pain? There are so many things that are not healthy neither comfortable, that ladies use to appear attractive. It seems like we believe in “no pain, no gain” so much. That’s why I am determined to say something about beauty styles that are deemed as beautiful but painful. One of them is high heels.

It is a foot wear that raises the foot noticeably higher than the toe, and let’s face it heels are not the greatest invention ever. However, research shows that girls wear heels mostly because: high heels make your calves look curvy and fuller, give seduction and sexy gait to your walking and the last but not the least to make your posture up right and authoritative. (Christopher molly,

High heels are striking and literally the most painful shoes. But ladies don’t mind wearing uncomfortable heels, as long as it looks good on them. Forget to walk, even if we can barely stand on it, we would still stick with it. Clearly we are being victims of fashion. But why do we care about look so much? By the way do you know; high heels cause knee problem, forcing the tight muscles to work harder, putting extra strain on the knee joint and they are stressful on the joint of the foot because all the body weight rests there, the foot is then forced in to a narrow pointed toe box, compounding the entire problem. They cause toe deformities, heel pain, back pain and osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Heels shorten calf muscles and an awkward and unnatural gait, it also has been found that wearing heels can put the spin out of its unnatural alignment and also the spinal nerves can become pinched and pain, tingling and numbness can occur as a result of wearing uncomfortable high heels. Or are we just oblivious to it……and let’s not forget the so many poor girls that have fallen wearing heels and hurt themselves.

But how high is too high, couldn’t help but wonder. This actually depends up on you .Some girls stumble even in an inch high and some might be capable of running a marathon on it. So heels or high heel is not something every girl should wear just because other girls does it or just because its fashion. It’s all about carrying your weight properly, and if it doesn’t feel good it’s not good.

The history of high heels can actually be traced back to Egypt, 3500BC, where murals on walls show upper class citizens wearing heels for ceremonial purposes, as well as Egyptian butchers wearing them to help them walk through the blood of dead animals, however, it wasn’t until the 16th century when it is claimed that high heels were properly invented. It was in 1533, when Catherine de Medici decided to wear heels on her wedding day to Henry II, a Duke and the future King of France. She was 14 and quite short (not more than 5 foot), so asked a cobbler to make her shoes that would make her appear much taller on her wedding day. Apparently, she wasn’t really a beauty and her husband had a tall and really pretty mistress. She wanted to dazzle the French on her wedding day, so opted for 2 inch heels to make her appear slightly taller, and appear to have a more towering physique. (Wikipedia. com) I wonder what is the need for tall girls to wear one then.

We might even see girls wearing high heels inspired by the models they see on popular television. However, these are only worn for a specific video shoot not to walk on the streets, but a lot of girls fail to see the truth behind these fancy video shoots. Irrefutable heels are stunning and ladies love to look feminine, classy and attractive. Certainly every one adores a lady with a great sense of style. However let’s not fail to remember that people like a confident girl more. And we can never be confident when we are not comfortable in our own shoe.

The idea that high heels makes your body attractive is imprinted on our head; we see ladies wearing uncomfortable heels and walking like the earth is about to fall, while leaning on their friends. There is nothing attractive about that sight; neither is it comfortable.

Let me share with you what I have read about heels the other time on the net. Heels are made with different materials, and in different style, mainly there are seven kinds:

• cone: a round heel that is broad where it meets the sole of the shoe and noticeably narrower at the point of contact with the ground

• kitten: a short, slim heel with maximum height under 2 inches and diameter of no more than 0.4 inch at the point of contact with the ground

• prism: three flat sides that form a triangle at the point of contact with the ground

• puppy: thick square block heel approximately 2 inches in diameter and height

• spool: broad where it meets the sole and at the point of contact with the ground; noticeably narrower at the midpoint between the two

• stiletto: a tall, slim heel with minimum height of 2 inches and diameter of no more than 0.4 inch at the point of contact with the ground

• wedge: occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portions of the foot

Here what you shouldn’t forget is that according to the kind, quality and style, their comfort differs as well.

A lady’s shoe can definitely make or destroy her outfit; it is of obvious fact girls wear high heels to look alluring. But remember that you can wear flat shoe and look as stylish too, it’s all in the confidence and attitude you embrace. I can’t deny the perfect high heel is appealing; but it all should depend on the activity you plan to engage in. The higher the heel the more they are strain or cause damage to your feet. So if it is high, make sure you wear it for occasion that doesn’t involve much movement. Take for example a normal Eritrean traditional weeding, where there is a lot of movement not mentioning the tedious dancing; wearing uncomfortable heels is a torture you bring to yourself. How many times have we felt the need to badly sit down and take our shoe off for a little break? Considering your mode of transportation is also of greater importance. Knowing you have to walk a long way to your destination, after you got off the bus and still wearing high heel is unreasonable. You need to look after your health and comfort.

Here are some tips that can help you to buy heels that don’t hurt: ( heels)

• Buy leather soled shoe only.

• Buy in the afternoon only because our feet have tendency to swell through the day.

• Know your feet. All feet are not equal. Determine if you have flat feet, high arches, narrow feet or wide one and learn from those shoes you already own which kind does really go with you, in style and comfort.

• Pointed toe, cause pain, go up a half size when wearing a point toed shoe to give your toe a little room to breathe.

Finally let’s consider the above tips how to buy heels that doesn’t hurt when you are purchasing one, and consider the activity you will be engaged, your mode of transportation, the cloth you are going to wear, and your style. Mostly don’t forget putting your comfort and health in priority. For the rest don’t give up on finding that exquisite and comfortable heel. After all, happy feet means; happy you.

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