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Activities by Eritrean nationals in Diaspora

Eritrean national in Germany, Sweden, South Sudan Switzerland and Italy conducted various activities.

Asmara, 23 January 2020- Eritrean national in Germany, Sweden, South Sudan Switzerland and Italy conducted various activities.

According to report, Eritrean nationals in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany, conducted public seminar on 18 and 19 January under the theme “Economic Investment: Resources and Opportunities in Eritrea”.

Speaking at the occasion, the head of Public and Community Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Germany, Mr. Kahsai Tewolde said that the long sited strategy and vision of the Eritrean Government is to nurture committed human capacity and channel resources with a view to build developed country and improve the livelihoods of citizens.

Mr. Kahsai also gave briefing on the investment opportunity being created for nationals and called on the nationals to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Stockholm branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women also conducted a meeting to review the implementation of activities of 2019 and programs for 2020.

At the event, Ms. Shewa Fesehaye, chairperson of the union branch, called for repeating the heroic feat the Eritrean women demonstrated in foiling the external conspiracies in the national development drives.

In related news, the Swiss branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women conducted seminar on the timely tasks and responsibilities of Eritrean women in 2020.

At the meeting financial, organizational and administrative reports were presented and the participants discussed on the reports presented.

Mr. Adem Osman, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy and Permanent Commission of Eritrea in Geneva, gave extensive briefing focusing on the activities and relationships between the national associations and the Embassy, on the role of nationals in Diaspora in the national development endeavors as well as on the importance of strengthening organizational capacity.

In the same vein, the YPFDJ organization in Juba, South Sudan, organized a discussion forum on 19 January under the theme “Preserving Culture and Transferring Noble Societal Values”.

At the event briefing was provided on the significance of transferring the noble societal values to the young generation.

Likewise, the Media Committee of the Eritrean community in Italy conducted its 4th congress on 19 January in Bologna.

Commending the contribution the media committee is making in increasing the awareness of national on national issues, Mr. Fesehatsion Petros, Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, called for reinforced activity for better outcome.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on the issues raised at the meeting and elected an executive committee for two years term.

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