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Various activities by nationals abroad

The National Committee of Eritreans in the UK and the Eritrean community in Milan have conducted meetings on 2 February.

Asmara, 06 February 2020 –The National Committee of Eritreans in the UK and the Eritrean community in Milan have conducted meetings on 2 February.

According to report, the National Committee of Eritreans in the UK conducted its 2nd congress in Coventry city under the theme “Integrated Effort for Unity and Development”.

At the meeting in which representatives of national organizations of 11 cities in the UK took part, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam, Ambassador of Eritrea to the UK and North Ireland gave extensive briefing on the progress of diplomatic activities in the Horn of Africa after the signing of the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia as well as on the bilateral relations between the two countries. Ambassador Estifanos stated that various big development projects are being implemented with the objective of improving the socio-economic livelihood of citizens and ensuring social justice.

Indicating that the Congress shoulders responsibilities to reinforce contribution in the nation building and development programs, strengthening public diplomacy activities and organizational capacity of Eritrean communities, Ambassador Estifanos called on the participants to chart out action plan that is compatible to the unfolding era of peace and cooperation.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, chairman of the Eritrean national committee in the UK on his part, pointing out the significance of conducting the 2nd congress in relation to the commitment in nation building, commended those who contributed in the success of the congress.

At the event, the head of Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Tedros Goitom gave briefing on the objective, mission, and organizational structure of the national committee and presented five years activity report.

Finally, the congress elected an executive committee for two year term and adopted various resolutions and action plan for 2020.

Likewise, the Eritrean community branch in Milan conducted its annual meeting. The meeting was attended by the Head of Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Girmay Habtemicael, executive committees of the Eritrean communities in Italy, as well as members and executive communities of the Milan branch.

The objective of the meeting was to review the implementation of the planed programs in the past two years as well as to elect executive committee for the next two years.

Members of the elected executive committee have expressed readiness to diligently work for strengthening organizational capacity of the Eritrean community as well as reinforce contribution for the successful implementation of the national development programs.

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