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Contribution to augment COVID-19 National Fund

Nationals inside the country and abroad are stepping up contribution to augment the COVID-19 National Fund.

Asmara, 24 April 2020- Nationals inside the country and abroad are stepping up contribution to augment the COVID-19 National Fund.

According to report, Eritrean nationals residing in various cities in Switzerland have contributed 432 thousand and 976 Swiss Franc (441,812 US Dollars) to bolster the National Fund to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, Eritrean community in Aarau contributed 30 thousand Swiss Franc, Swiss branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women 30 thousand, Eritrean community in Harisu 1 thousand, Eritrean community in Bern 55 thousand and 840, Eritrean community in Basel 50 thousand and 290, Eritrean community in Fribourg 8 thousand and 670, staff members of the Eritrean Embassy in Geneva 6 thousand and 382, Eritrean community in Geneva 41 thousand and 520, Eritrean community in Chur 10 thousand and 820, Eritrean community in Jura 5 thousand and 350, Eritrean community in Lucerne 16 thousand and 690, Eritrean community in Neuchatel 4 thousand and 410, Eritrean community in St. Gallen 15 thousand and Eritrean community in Solothurn 12 thousand and 500.

Likewise, Eritrean community in Switz contributed 6 thousand Swiss Franc, Eritrean community in Turgaw 10 thousand and 920, Eritrean community in Pichino 13 thousand and 650, committee to support families of martyrs in Lausanne 10 thousand, Eritrean community in Shawd 28 thousand and 714, Eritrean community in Vale 11 thousand and 810, Eritrean community in Zug 3 thousand and 610, national committee in Zurich 16 thousand 650 and Eritrean community in Zurich 42 thousand and 150. The ‘Asmiren’ Eritrean women’s association in Lausanne also contributed 1 thousand Nakfa.

According to the daily report from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Trade and Industry with its staff members contributed 310 thousand Nakfa, employees of the Ministry of Marine Resources 200 thousand Nakfa, Space 2001 Eritrea 200 thousand Nakfa, ‘Alaid’ private enterprise 20 thousand Nakfa, cooperative association of Mechanized 74 of the Ministry of Defense 3 thousand Nakfa, Molqi sub-zone 449 thousand and 550 Nakfa, Igla administrative area 40 thousand Nakfa, Safira administrative area 30 thousand Nakfa, Hiret administrative area 20 thousand and 500 Nakfa, Mendefera administrative area 30 thousand Nakfa, Leghi administrative area 15 thousand Nakfa, business owners in Mendefera city 8 thousand Nakfa, , grains retailers in central Asmara 56 thousand Nakfa, vegetables and spices retailers 8 thousand and 500 Nakfa, Babilon bar 5 thousand Nakfa, Mebreat bar 10 thousand Nakfa and others 20 thousand and 30 Nakfa.

In related news 17 nationals in the port city of Assab contributed a total of about 200 thousand Nakfa and other nationals residing inside the country and abroad 77 thousand Nakfa and 300 Euros.

Eritrean Students in the United Arab Emirates also contributed 22 thousand and 683 Durham.

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