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More contribution to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Public contribution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic continues inside the country and abroad.

Asmara, 30 April 2020- Public contribution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic continues inside the country and abroad.

According to reports, employees of the Ministry of Justice contributed 1 million and 345 thousand and 797 Nakfa, National Institute of Higher Education and Research and staff members of all colleges in the country 1 million 734 thousand and 426 Nakfa, German branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women 100 thousand Euros, British-America Tobacco-Eritrea Share Company 360 thousand Nakfa, National Fish Corporation 200 thousand Nakfa, employees of the Ministry of Public Works central office 66 thousand and 558 Nakfa, Water and Mine Excavation Company 60 thousand and 421 Nakfa, employees of PHARMACOR 50 thousand Nakfa, and Eritel private limited enterprise 50 thousand Nakfa.

Likewise, Amhur administrative area contributed 122 thousand and 100 Nakfa, Mai-Worki administrative area 100 thousand and 315 Nakfa, Metsalu administrative area 96 thousand and 953 Nakfa, Crystal Hotel 50 thousand Nakfa, Mai-Edaga administrative area 39 thousand Nakfa, Hadamu administrative area 36 thousand and 910 Nakfa, Tikul administrative area 16 thousand Nakfa, Jumbo Glass 15 thousand Nakfa, vegetables and fruits farmers in Areza sub-zone 25 thousand Nakfa, Areza semi-urban center administration 14 thousand and 160 Nakfa, dairy farmers association in Areza 5 thousand Nakfa, St. Qorqos Church in Areza 2 thousand Nakfa, Dersale administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Guaedad steel and wood work 10 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Gaba administrative area in Mai-dima 12 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Kemsho administrative area 5 thousand Nakfa, Geza Dingur administrative area 5 thousand Nakfa, Tsaeda-Adi administrative area 3 thousand Nakfa and Estifanos marble processing enterprise 5 thousand Nakfa.

Scania cooperative association contributed 5 thousand Nakfa, Ex-fighters association in Arbaete Asmara 10 thousand Nakfa, ‘Al Anuar’ private company 5 thousand Nakfa, Seven Adventist Church 200 thousand Nakfa, northern Dekemhare Ministry of Education 10 thousand Nakfa, Dankalia Beverage in Assab 37 thousand and 800 Nakfa, affluent citizens in Mai-Mine 127 thousand and 400 Nakfa and Hadish-Adi administrative area in Mai-Mine 15 thousand Nakfa.

Other organizations and individuals in the Central region also contributed a total of 119thousand and 675 Nakfa.

In related news Eritrean nationals in Uganda contributed 200 thousand Dollars and staff members of the Eritrean Embassy in Uganda 7 thousand and 137 Dollars towards augmenting the National Fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

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