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NARI conducts preliminary trial to introduce liquid fertilizer

The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) conducted preliminary trial to introduce liquid fertilizer in its farms. The trial that NARI started before some months and which included extracting liquid fertilizer from various plant materials was found to be successful in improving the soil of the trial farms.

Ms. Semhar Yohannes, Horticulture expert and researcher at NARI, in a scientific article she sent to the Public Relations Division of the Ministry said that the small scale trial focused on production of ‘weed tea’ which is a liquid fertilizer systematically extracted from different kinds of weeds.

According to Ms. Semhar, weeds, instead of disposed uselessly, can be properly harvested and processed into liquid fertilizers after simple fermentation process. Ms. Semhar underscored the importance of this innovation and said “weeds, while competing for resources with the main plant, have already got important nutrients inside them. Therefore, it is not wise to dispose them for good.”

Finally, Ms. Semhar told this newsletter that preparations are being made for more trials before introducing the liquid fertilizer to farmers; and she reminds that since there are some harmful weeds that should not be used as a raw material for liquid fertilizer, farmers are advised to contact agricultural experts around them if they want to test it themselves.

It is to be noted that liquid fertilizers can be extracted from various kinds of harmless weeds, fruits, vegetable wastes, egg shells, compost, manure etc. and is believed to be a good source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for horticultural plants.

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