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Contribution to fight COVID-19

Nationals inside the country and in Diaspora contributed more than 2 million Nakfa to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asmara, 07 May 2020- Nationals inside the country and in Diaspora contributed more than 2 million Nakfa to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequently, employees of the Ministry of Finance contributed additional 1 million and 600 thousand Nakfa, Total Eritrea private company 150 thousand Nakfa, Staff Medical Unit of the Ministry of Defense 114 thousand and 674 Nakfa, employees of the Ministry of Energy and Mines 104 thousand and 149 Nakfa, employees of Warsa Enterprise 57 thousand and 352 Nakfa, employees of Eritrea-Ireland development cooperation 50 thousand Nakfa, and cooperative association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 50 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, Onabu’ur administrative area contributed 70 thousand and 443 Nakfa, Demhina administrative area 11 thousand Nakfa, the administrative area and water development of Girme-Barentu 40 thousand  Nakfa,  Shehate administrative area 12 thousand and 897 Nakfa, Ambori administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, Golagul and Dekemhare administrative areas in Adi-Tekelezan sub-zone 15 thousand Nakfa.

Likewise, associations and service provision institutions in Asmara and Anseba region contributed a total of 204 thousand and 200 Nakfa.

In related news, Eritrean nationals residing in South Africa contributed 250 thousand Rand, YPFDJ organization in South Africa 100 thousand Rand, staff members of the Eritrean Embassy in South Africa 12 thousand and 791 Dollars, nationals residing in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and Malawi also contributed 370 thousand Rand while the Eritrean community in Angola contributed 92 thousand and 500 US Dollars.

Three Eritrean nationals in the United Arab Emirates who wanted to stay anonymous contributed 255 thousand Durham and Eritrean community members in Riyadh and its environs 200 thousand Riyals.

A number of nationals residing in the US, the Netherlands,   in the UK, Canada, Italy, Norway and France have also decided that the families renting their houses in various areas in the country to live free of rental payment ranging from three until the corona virus is fully contained.

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