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Contribution to augment National Fund continues

Contribution to augment the National Fund to combat COVID-19 continues with great zeal.

Asmara, 16 May 2020- Contribution to augment the National Fund to combat COVID-19 continues with great zeal.

According to the daily report coming from the Ministry of Health and Eritrean Diplomatic Missions, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed 540 thousand Nakfa, employees of Commercial Bank of Eritrea contributed additional 574 thousand and 284 Nakfa, employees of the Forestry and Wilde Life Authority 512 thousand and 414 Nakfa, employees of ‘Africa ASSAY Laboratories 8 thousand and 706 US Dollars and Denden Camp community 10 thousand Nakfa.

Bisha Mining Company contributed 911 thousand and 210 Nakfa, Azel Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant 164 thousand and 225 Nakfa, employees of the Ministry of Local Government central office 113 thousand and 155 Nakfa, China S.R.B.G 400 thousand Nakfa, employees of the Ministry of National Development central office and National Statistics 82 thousand and 303 Nakfa, Irab transport share company 20 thousand Nakfa, ‘Al Aisel’ Biscuit and Candy factory 5 thousand Nakfa and employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare branch in the Southern Red Sea region 4 thousand and 395 Nakfa.

Similarly, a number of administrative areas in the Southern and Northern Red Sea and Southern regions as well as social service provision institutions and associations in Asmara contributed a total of 273 thousand and 109 Nakfa

Three administrative areas of Ghinda town contributed 10 thousand Nakfa each, vegetable farmers in Ghinda sub-zone 30 thousand Nakfa, Islamic Awkaf in Ghinda sub-zone 5 thousand Nakfa, Abune Teklehaimanto Church 2 thousand and 500 Nakfa, eleven administrative areas in Ghinda sub-zone contributed a total of 77 thousand and 280 Nakfa, small businesses in Ghinda town 20 thousand Nakfa, dairy farmers in Ghinda sub-zone 10 thousand Nakfa and government employees 24 thousand and 280 Nakfa.

Likewise six administrative areas and dairy farmers in Segneity sub-zone contributed a total of 37 thousand and 555 Nakfa.

In related news, Photo Petroleum Production in the United Arab Emirates contributed 50 thousand Durham, three Eritrean nationals in Dubai 20 thousand Durham and Eritrean nationals in Riyadh 10 thousand Riyals.

A number of nationals residing inside the country and abroad have also decided that the families renting their houses in various parts of the country to live free of rental payment ranging from two to three months.

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