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Ministry makes preparations to vigorously promote top bar hive

The Ministry of Agriculture is making the necessary preparations to boost the introduction of top bar hives throughout the country.

According to Mr. Heruy Asghedom, Director General of Agricultural Extension Department, the Ministry has done a lot to introduce modern bee hives starting from the mid 1990’s. However, the number of hived honeybee colonies in the country remains limited despite all the endeavours. Mr. Heruy briefed this Newsletter.

“The frame hives yield relatively high honey production; but its management and cost of accessories do not match with the capacity of most potential users.  For this reason, the Ministry had been looking for alternative, ordinary, and farmer friendly hives inside and outside the country.  Finally, we settled on a good option of top bar hive designed by a  senior Ghanian expert, Dr. Kuwame Aidoo in 2016.”

Mr. Heruy underscored that making top bar hive as an integral part of the Minimum Integrated Household Agricultural (MIHAP) will continue and this will obviously contribute to the production and productivity of honey and other products.

According to Mr. Zaid Tekle, a bee senior expert and in-charge of promoting this hive, the Ministry is conducting necessary preparations to vigorously introduce this particular brand.

“Training, awareness-raising on production of this hive and its comparative advantages are major components of the short-term plan” he said.

Mr. Zerai added that the Bee Development Unit, in collaboration with the Public Relations Division of the Ministry. has prepared a booklet and is now in the process of producing audiovisual educational materials.

Mr. Zaid told this newsletter that top bar hives have many advantages when compared to the modern frame hive and the traditional hives. The major advantage is that it can be easily crafted from materials found in local communities.

The simplified management system before and after honey production also makes the hive suitable to beneficiaries for sustainable usage.

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