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Omhajer Kindergarten Eases Challenge of Parents

Children in rural areas across Eritrea have relatively easy access to primary education but not to pre-schools.

It is no wonder then that the opening of Omhajer Kindergarten, the first of its kind in Omhajer semi-urban center, has eased the challenge parents had been facing.

As education is a basic human right in Eritrea, the Government has been building schools everywhere in the country, including its remotest parts, to provide easy access to education.

Guided by the “Education for all” policy, the Government of Eritrea has been making huge investment in the construction and upgrading of educational facilities since the wake of Eritrea’s independence. The Government also created investment opportunities for nationals who are interested in making investments particularly in the disadvantaged areas. The opening of new kindergartens (KG) in rural areas, which is a noble gesture of the investors, is making a difference in the lives of pre-school children and in easing the challenges of parents.

Usually, private businesses invest in major cities with big populations to make huge profit. But concerned individuals tend to invest in areas that alleviate societal challenges. For this reason, some individuals have opted to make a contribution in the construction of Kindergartens, particularly in the remotest parts of the country.

The opening of Omhajer KG in 2013 enabled the inhabitants of Omhajer to carry out their daily activities with ease because they have a safe haven for their children. Omhajer semi urban center has a good distribution of educational facilities from primary through secondary schools.

Children who go to KGs before they join elementary schools are more confident than those who do not have access to KGs. Parents of children in Omhajer say their elder children, who had no access to KG, did not do as well academically as their younger ones. The KG has a spacious playground and three classrooms. At the KG, the children start the day by singing the national anthem in unison in Tigrinya and Arabic languages. They learn through real objects and images, sing and play. This way, they enjoy their stay at the KG and get ready for their primary school.

Primary school teachers in the Semi-urban center say the opening of the KG has been of great help in enabling the children to easily grasp lessons when they are in the first grade and thereafter. The children from the KG tend to learn faster than those who have not attended nursery school.

Mr. Kidane Adhanom, Manager of Omhajer KG, said that parents of the children are satisfied with their children’s performance. “Their parents have been informing us that the children are able to read and write before they join primary school,” Mr. Kidane said.

Omhajer KG started its operations in 2013 with 127 children and it has since been enrolling a total of 140 students annually. “We have been providing awards for outstanding children,” Mr. Kidane added.

The children’s joy is a great relief for parents. There is nothing more pleasing than observing children’s merriment.

The administrations of Golug sub-zone and Education Ministry’s office in the sub-zone have been instrumental in encouraging us to perform well, Mr. Kidane said.

Omhajer semi urban center borders Ethiopia and Sudan and is home to all ethnic groups of Eritrea. It is most known for its agriculture and trade.

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