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  • Official visit of President Isaias Afwerki to Sudan

President Isaias Afwerki concluded a three-day work visit to Sudan following the formal invitation by General Abdulfetah Al Burhan Abdurahman, president of the Sovereign Council of Sudan. Accompanied by the minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh, and the presidential advisor, Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, President Isaias Afwerki arrived in Sudan on Thursday, June 25, at noon. The delegation was warmly received by General Abdulfetah Al Burhan Abdurahman.

The first official meeting, which was held in the compound of the Republic, addressed the new trends in East Africa that came forth mainly after the Eritrea-Ethiopia peace agreement and the new political environment in Sudan in the past year. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Ms. Asma Mohammed Ahmed, and other Sudanese authorities and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, Mr. Osman Saleh, and Presidential advisor, Mr. Yemane Ghebreab.

The meeting focused on assessing the progress made in the cooperation agreements made between the two countries. The two parties agreed to work on creating a suitable environment for strengthening the strategic relations of the peoples of East Africa, in general, and that of the Eritrean and Sudanese people, in particular, and to work together to bring about unity in our region.

In the evening, a dinner party hosted by President of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, General Abdulfetah al burhan Abdurahman, was held in honor of the Eritrean delegation. The evening was made colorful by the entertaining performance of Sudanese and Eritrean musicians who reside in Sudan.

The next day, Friday, 26th of June, the Eritrean delegation, led by President Isaias Afwerki, held talks with the prime minister of Sudan, Mr. Abdella Hamdok. Present at the meeting were the Sudanese minister of Foreign Affairs, minister of Water and Irrigation and other government officials.

Both parties agreed that the Eritrean-Sudanese harmony is not a choice but a necessity and that any differences and challenges that may arise in the process should be solved inside this harmonious relationship.

Thereafter, President Isaias Afwerki and his delegation travelled to Gendetu, a wide agricultural village 127 kms away from Khartoum, accompanied by the President of the Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fatah al Burhan. The helicopter journey took a route that enhanced a better view of the Nile River and the tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land around the capital.

On arrival at Gendetu, the delegation was offered a coffee ceremony under massive mango trees. After the ceremony, the delegation toured the agricultural zone and observed the irrigated agricultural activities.

The agricultural center in Gendetu produces orange, pomegranate, mango and others. Most of the products are sent to Khartoum and Shendi, a town 148 kms away from the capital, while the rest is exported. Later, President Isaias toured a milk processing plant called Fappi in the same area. He observed a variety of dairy products and their processing with the directions of the manager of the company.

Fappi, which was founded in 2006, has 1600 dairy cows. Using modern technology it produces over 10 dairy, meat and fruit products. According to experts it is the best producer of such products in Sudan.

After eight hours of tour, the delegation went back to Khartoum at 6 P.M. At 8 in the evening, the President held a meeting with the vice chairman of the transitional military council of Sudan, General Mohammed Hamdan Deglo, in his residence at Khartoum. To honor the Eritrean delegation, dinner and artistic programs were presented to the guests.

After his three-day work visit to Sudan, President Isaias Afwerki returned to Eritrea on Saturday, 27th of June.

After Eritrean-Sudanese relations turned to a new page in 2019, the leaders of both states have been holding meetings focused on the bilateral and regional relations of the countries. In June 2019, the governments had decided to open the borders of both countries.

As part of the efforts to strengthen the relations between the two nations, President Isaias Afwerki had officially visited Sudan on 14th and 15th of September 2019. in that meeting, the leaders had agreed to strengthen the two countries’ relations in the political, economic, social and cultural sectors.


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