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Financial support to disadvantaged citizens

Barentu, 09 August 2020- Members of the Eritrean Defense Forces, government employees and associations in Gash Barka region are extending financial support to disadvantaged families in the region.

Accordingly, members of the Defense Forces in Haikota sub-zone contributed 27 thousand and 150 Nakfa, vegetable farmers association in Haikota 50 thousand and 600 Nakfa, Government employees in the sub-zone 14 thousand and 663 Nakfa and members of Gash-Setit Agro-Industry 15 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly affluent individuals extended food items worth 119 thousand and 216 Nakfa to disadvantaged families while members of the Public Service in Alebu contributed 17 quintals of grain and members of Crops and Livestock Corporation in Fesko and Alebu 14 quintals of grain.

Members of the Eritrean Defense Forces in Omahajer and its environs also extended material support to disadvantaged families in the area.

In related news, house owners in Haikota, Tokombia and Barentu decided that the families renting their houses to live free of rental payment until the COVI-19 pandemic is fully contained.

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