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Commendable implementation of development programs

Barentu, 10 August 2020- Commendable construction of infrastructure and dams as well as agricultural activities are being conducted in Logo-Anseba sub-zone, Gash Barka region. The report was made by Mr. Abraham Hagos, administrator of the sub-zone.The development programs include construction of one elementary school at a cost of 13 million Nakfa as well as dams and micro-dams in the administrative areas of Adi-Hans, Kerankudo, Deda and Dersenei.
Mr. Abraham went on to say that similar programs are being implemented in the administrative areas of Mekerka, Adi-Neamin and Tsilale.
Eng. Misgun Andehaimanot, soil and water conservation expert, said that a new dam is under construction on Deki-Shehai administrative area and that will have significant contribution in ensuring potable water supply both to the public and livestock as well as in the development of vegetables and fruits farming.
Eng. Misgun also called on the residents to reinforce participation in water and soil conservation and construction of terraces and water diversion schemes with a view to boost agricultural production.

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