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Expansion of health service provision

Keren, 11 August 2020- The Halhal sub-zone reported that effort is being exerted to expand health service provision to the public. As part of the effort the Melebso health station has been equipped with new medical facilities.The health station which provides health service to residents of the administrative areas of Kertset, Rehey, Melebso and Enrekubet is providing regular vaccination programs and laboratory service and is expected to ease the burden of the Keren and Halhal hospitals.

Indicating that the health station is equipped with professionals in pharmacy, laboratory and post and pre natal treatment as well as in other medical professions, Nurse Kokeb Abraham said that the number of pregnant women delivering at the health station has increased by 15%, children’s vaccination coverage by 38% and post and pre natal treatment by 27%.

Nurese Kokeb went on to say that the residents are also regularly engaged in environmental sanitation activities with a view to control the prevalence of communicable diseases.

According to document there are one health center and two health stations in Melebso and Gebeialebu and in Kertset administrative area one health station is under construction at a cost of 7.5 million Nakfa.

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