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Commendable health service provision

Massawa, 14 August 2020- The health station in the Derbushet administrative area, Dahlak sub-zone, is significantly contributing in raising the awareness of the public on health issues and in ensuring maternity and child health.

The health station that provides health service to the administrative areas of Sel’it, Den’ilo, Derbushet and Dahlak Kebir is providing pre and post natal treatment as well as regular vaccination service to children.

According to the residents, owning to the increased awareness of the public the death rate due to delivery has significantly been reduced.

Indicating that strong awareness of the public has been registered as a result of the sustainable awareness raising programs, Assistant Nurse Mahmud Abdu, head of the health station, said that the health station is also providing mobile health service in remote parts of the sub-zone.

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