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Construction of dams in Adi-Keshi and Adi-Gebru

Asmara, 17 August 2020- Two newly constructed micro-dams in Adi-Keshi and Adi-Gebru, Central region, were inaugurated on 15 and 16 August.

The dams that have the capacity of holding from 35 to 50 thousand meter cube of water will have significant contribution in ensuring water supply both to the residents and livestock as well as in the development of irrigation farming in the areas.

The project coordinators Eng. Abel Woldegabir and Eng. Abraham Daniel commended the strong participation the residents remonstrated during the construction.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Zerit Tewoldebrhan, managing director in the Central region, indicating the significance of the dams in the development effort in general and agricultural development in particular, said that the 124 dams and micro-dams in the Central region have the capacity of holding 74 million cubic meters of water.

The residents on their part expressed readiness to expand vegetables and fruits farming and play due part in stabilizing the markets beyond their areas.

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