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Gerset Agriculture Project creating practical learning opportunity

Barentu, 16 August 2020 –Gerset Agriculture Project has created significant opportunity in translating into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in colleges, newly college and other vocational centers graduates indicated.

The graduates noted that Gerset Agriculture Project encompasses crop, vegetables and fruits farming activities, livestock development as well as agricultural and animal laboratories and that has helped them gain practical experiences through directly engaging in the activities.

According to Ms. ZebibTesfamariam, Plant Science graduate from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture and Mr. Yunus Mahmud, Water and Soil Conservation graduate from Adi-Halo Vocational Training Center as well as their colleagues Ms. Tekleweyni Habte and Ms. Aster Okbu stated that the Gerset project has created opportunity to practically develop the theoretical knowledge they gained in their respective college and vocational training center.

Over 400 youth graduates from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture as well as Sawa, Adi-Halo and Hagaz vocational training centers are working in the Gerset Agriculture Project, report indicates.

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