Business is booming.

Contribution to bolster National Fund

Asmara, 29 August 2020- Administrations, private enterprises and associations contributed to bolster the National Fund to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, in Foro sub-zone the administrative area of Gebgeb-Wasna contributed 6 thousand Nakfa, Robrobia administrative area 5 thousand Nakfa, Ruba-Haddas, Gedem-Lahzien, Mahfid and Humkule administrative areas contributed four thousand each and Afta administrative area 2 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, ‘Samir’ private enterprise contributed 5 thousand Nakfa, ‘Fon-Net’ Electronics 3 thousand Nakfa, and small scale businesses and cooperative associations in Asmara contributed a total of 12 thousand and 500 Nakfa.

In related news, according to the Eritrean Embassy in the US, at a ceremony conducted in connection with June 20, Martyrs Day, Eritrean nationals San Rosa, California, contributed 5 thousand and 913 Dollars in support of families of martyrs and 15 nationals contributed 5 thousand and 130 Dollars for similar objective.

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