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Effort underway to curb desert locust swarm nationwide

Asmara, 31 August 2020 – The Ministry of Agriculture stated that strong effort is underway nationwide to curb instances of desert locust swarm nationwide starting from last week.

According to the report, the Ministry of Agriculture branch, local administrations, the public and members of the defense forces are engaged in joint venture to curb desert locust swarm in the northern east of the Central Region.

The Ministry also reported that effort is underway to put under control the desert locust swarm infestation that appeared in over 500 hectares of land at a number of villages in Serejaka, Berik and Dirfo sub zones, before inflicting any damage.

Similarly, desert locust swarm has appeared in Gash Barka region, in Godagudi area, Logo Anseba sub zone as well as in Adi-Tekelezan, Hebro and Geleb sub zones, Anseba Region, the statement added.
Likewise in the Southern region, coordinated effort is being exerted to put under control desert locust swarm that appeared in 150 hectares in Kisad-Emba and Adi-Begie areas, Senafe sub zone and in about 5 km in Adi-Roso, Dekemhare sub zone.

The Ministry of Agriculture further stated that surveillance activities are being exerted throughout the Northern Red Sea region that so far over 360 hectares has been covered.

The Ministry also warned that in addition to the desert locust swarm coming from neighboring countries, a species of desert locusts are being reproducing in the Southern Red Sea Region.

Stating the potential expansion and invasion of desert locust swarm nationwide, the Ministry of Agriculture called on the public and other partners to report in case of instances of locust swarms.

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