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Vocational Training for Progressive Development Path

By: Kesete Ghebrehiwet

Vocational training centers in Eritrea have been playing a great role in raising the number of trained professionals in many fields. Graduates from vocational training centers such as Sawa Center for Vocational Training (SCVT) have been playing decisive roles in the construction of dams, roads and bridges, operation of heavy machineries, installation of solar panels, maintenance of computers and electronics, surveying, drafting, plumbing, wood and metal works and agriculture.

Hermiela Russom, a 2nd year student in Computer Maintenance at SCVT, said she has been very keen to learn computer technology for quite a long time. Thus, the opportunity provided at SCVT enabled her to live her dream and also to have a clear picture of her future career. “Once I joined the Center I have been able to learn advanced features of computer technology. We learn the software and hardware components of a computer that include common and advanced troubleshooting procedures as well as networking,” Hermiela elaborated.

Hermiela gave tribute to her teachers’ dedication which enabled her to hone skills of paramount importance. She says the instructors at the center never confine the students to the study materials in the course out line but enable them to further explore new things.

What the students at the Center commonly agree about is the vital platform created for them to learn team work. All students have equal access to learn and experience new technologies through hands-on practices and are able to solve challenges through collective efforts. The courses enlightened the students to further learn new things.

SCVT is equipped with modern machineries and the workshops have been upgraded to offer reliable and up-to-date courses. The students have been spending much of their time working in the workshops, assembling and disassembling equipment, repairing damaged gadgets and making prototypes of various projects. This way, they are acquiring practical skills in their fields of study and preparing for further studies and experiences.

Highlighting the benefits he gained by attending the training school, Henok Michael, from the Department of Carpentry, said, “The courses being offered at the Center are advanced and of high standard and complement one another,” he said.

In explaining his motive to specialize in carpentry, Henok reiterated that wood work is a cherished ambition he has been looking for since his early childhood. “SCVT is a perfect place to acquire such a skill. I am very glad to have such a chance which would enable me to play a role in housing projects and decorative works related to construction,” Henok added.

Like Henok, students at SCVT feel honored to have access to the school. Henok reaffirmed his resolve to do his best in his assigned job. “As youth we should be at the forefront to build our nation. Our elder brothers and sisters have paid their precious lives for independence and to safeguard this nation. What is expected of us is just to put our finger prints through rigorous efforts in all development activities of the country,” he said.

The teachers at the SCVT are committed to transferring skills. They are close friends of the students who they regularly assist by sharing their experiences. The teachers themselves are products of Sawa; they all did their 12th grade classes at Warsay Yikealo Senior Secondary School in Sawa. After graduating from colleges across the country, these teachers are now making a difference in the lives of their younger brothers and sisters at SCVT by transferring skills.

In connection with the relationship maintained between the teachers and students Henok said that the teachers were first nurtured in Sawa and they are now teaching them. “Like them we will in turn share our experiences with our young Eritrean brothers and sisters,” he vowed.

Sawa is a center where students from all secondary schools across the nation come together to complete 12th grade at Warsay Yikealo Senior Secondary School. Hanna’e Mohammednur, who came from Keren, attended 12th grade classes in Sawa and joined SCVT where she studied Drafting and has now graduated.

In describing the benefits of studying at SCVT she said: “We are learning in an already well-set platform. And what is expected of us is to enthusiastically attend and successfully accomplish the set out goals.” With regards to her future plans she said: “What I have learned in Sawa is new to me. I am now looking forward to making use of the skills I acquired to achieve more and to serve my country.”

Majid Ibrahim from the Department of General Metal Works, Nebiat Russom, from the Department of General Wood Works, Nasra Mohammednur, Department of Drafting, Simon Tedors, Department of Plumbing, and Amanuel Berhane, Department of Machine Shop, who are all second year students at SCVT, said the Center has enabled them to be familiar with new machineries and understand new technical procedures.

Vocational training Centers at different parts of Eritrea are providing skilled human resource in various disciplines that are essential for development. Thus, the role SCVT has been playing in the in development is immense.

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