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Effective locust control measures underway

Asmara, 05 September 2020 – Effort is underway to put under control the small roaming bands of desert locust that have and continue to infest various localities in the Northern Red Sea and Anseba, and some other parts of the country, the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

According to the report, effective control measures have been undertaken in over 520 hectares of land in Mihyae areas, Afabet sub zone and locust infestation stretched in about 380 hectares of land in Elaberet, Hamelmalo, Adi-Tekelezan and Habero sub zones Anseba Region have been put under control.

Thanks to the effective locust control measures taken in the past three days, desert locust swarm that has been detected in small scale in some areas of the Central Region, Serejaka sub zone in particular has been put under control. The report, however, indicated that small scale desert locust infestation has been detected in Himbirti, Gala Nefhi sub zone, and Adi Teklay area, Berik sub zone.

In related news, Minister of Agriculture Mr. Arefaine Berhe in September 4 conducted tour of inspection in Serejaka where effective desert locust control measures have been undertaken.

During the tour, Minister Arefaine commended the strong participation the public, members of the defense forces and experts demonstrated and called for strong organizational capacity and continued maintenance of the spraying equipment as the desert locust upsurge remains critical.

In related news, owing to the commendable coordinated effort demonstrated by the public, members of the defense forces and experts desert locust swarm invasion in Serejaka sub zone was put under control before inflicting any damage.

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