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Expansion of digital libraries and technology supported pedagogy

Asmara, 05 September 2020 – The Ministry of Education is aggressively pursuing installation of audio-visual facilities and digital libraries in all Middle and High Schools to bolster quality of education.

According to the Ministry, the project is initially launched at the Central Region and taps on the support of the community, Rora Digital Library, other stakeholders and the Diaspora.

Speaking to Erina, Mr. Belay Habtegabir, head of the education branch, the main objective of the project is to introduce technology supported pedagogies in schools with the view of improving quality of education and outcome of students.

Stating that the installation of audio-visual facilities and digital libraries started in 2017/18 academic year, Mr. Belay said that so far digital libraries have been introduced in 27 schools, audiovisual facilities have been installed in 40 junior and secondary schools in the Central Region.

Teachers on their part, expressing the significance of installation of audio-visual facilities in improving comprehension and retention in the teaching and learning process called for strong integrated effort on the part of concerned bodies and the society for its expansion.

Mr. Henok Ocbamicael, quality control expert at the Rora Digital Library on his part said that encouraging outcome is being exerted form the introduction and expansion of digital libraries in schools and colleges.

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