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Central Region: Successful desert locust combating activity

Asmara, 07 September 2020 – Desert locust infestation in the Central region particularly in Adi-Bidel area, Berik sub zone was put under control with minimal damage to crops and vegetation thanks to the concerted measures by the Ministry of Agriculture, administrations, Eritrean Defense Forces units and local communities.

Early preparation, timely and integrated response has significantly contributed in the effort to control the locust swarm, Mr. Major Mengstiab, head of Agriculture branch at the Central Region stated.
Mr. Merhawi Zerai, area administrator of Adi-Bidel and Mr. Tesfu Fessehatsion, administrator of Berik sub zone on their part testified that had it not been for the immediate and timely response the locust swarm could have inflicted unprecedented damage.

Mr. Asrat Haile, head of Seed Development unit at the Central Region on his part, noting the desert locust swarm was stretched in most villages of Serejaka sub zone, Adi-Bidel area, Berik sub zone as well as Dirfo area in the Region, called for constant follow up and reinforcement of organizational capacity as the upsurge of desert locust infestation remain critical.

According to the report from the Ministry of Agriculture, the ongoing desert locust infestation in various parts of the country remains under control with minimal damage to crops and vegetation as a result of integrated measures by the Ministry, EDF units and local communities.

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