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NARI provides extensive training courses to its Researchers

The National Agricultural Research Institute, (NARI), has launched various capacity-building programmes in June this year. So far, training programes on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Molecular Biology have been completed. The GIS training course included theoretical and practical topics such as GIS data Input; display and manipulation; Geo-processing and Spatial Data Analysis; Preparation of Maps; Reports and Graphs through GIS supported by ArcMap Desktop 10.3 application.

The duration of the training programme was two weeks for 21 research staff.

NARI is also working towards upgrading its research laboratories and technology. In this respect, a molecular laboratory is being installed in order to accommodate the use of current technologies of breeding and to speed up the development of new varieties.

A two-weeks training programme on Molecular Biology was accordingly organized for 26 NARI staff. The training modules covered laboratory safety; potato virus and detection methods using ELISA, DNA and RNA extraction methods; PCR and Optimization; Primer Designing, and, Bio-informatics.

NARI is also providing training courses on Agricultural Research Data Management; and, Analysis and Interpretation for its 25 researchers. This is a follow-up programme to Agricultural Research Methodology and Report Writing short courses given previously for 22 trainees.

The training programmes were conducted in Halhale, NARI Headquarters, in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic control guidelines.

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