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Call for proper follow up on crops

Asmara, 09 September 2020 – The Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers throughout the country to carry out regular follow up on their crops.

Indicating that effective desert locust infestation control measures are being undertaken throughout the nation, the Ministry called on farmers to take proper care of their crops from possible occurrences of locust invasion.

According to the daily report of the Ministry of Agriculture on locust invasion combating activities, effective control measures have been taken over 200 hectares of land in the last three days in the Northern Red Sea Region.

The report also stated that effective locust control measures have been undertaken over 720 hectares in the Northern Red Sea Region since August.

Similarly, desert locust infestation that stretched in over 42-hectare area in Habero sub zone, Anseba Region was put under control, the daily report added.

In Gash Barka Region, locust infestation that stretched in over 5 hectares in Selia sub zone was put under control and that ongoing activities are being exerted.

In related news, in Southern Red Sea Region, similar control measures were undertaken in about 28 hectares in Central Denkalia and Araeta sub zones, and that ongoing measures are being conducted.

Ongoing locust desert infestation in various parts of the country remains under control with minimal damage to crops and vegetation as a result of concerted measures by the Ministry of Agriculture, Eritrean Defense Forces units and local communities.

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