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Eritreans in Mannheim make financial contribution to contain COVID-19 Pandemic

Eritreans residing in Mannheim, Germany made financial contribution to bolster efforts to contain COVID-19 Pandemic in Eritrea.

Accordingly, Eritreans residing in Mannheim and its environs contributed 27,000 Euros, Mother Tongue Community School in Mannheim 1,600 Euros, YPFDJ members in Mannheim 400 Euros, all with a total sum of 29,000 Euros to augment the national fund for containing the pandemic in Eritrea.

In addition to this, Eritreans residing abroad and members of Paltalk Network and EPLF Vision collected 36,262 dollars from various donations and contributed it to Athlete Sibhatu Tekeste, an Eritrean athlete who will be participating in the 2021 Paralympics in Japan.

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