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Desert Locust Swarm Invasion Put Under Control in Senafe Sub Zone

Mendefera/Assab, 14 September 2020 – The desert locust infestation that appeared in six administrative areas in Senafe sub zone, Southern Region has been put under control before inflicting any damage to crops and vegetation.

The desert locust infestation that managed to cross from Ethiopia was stretched over 300 hectares of land but was put under control thanks to the coordinated effort by the Ministry of Agriculture, EDF units and local communities.

According to Mr. Nebar Gebrehiwet, seed development expert in Senafe sub zone the desert locust swarm was stretched in Kisad Emba, Golo, Degogolo, Adi-Abagie, May Goduf and Menokseito administrative areas.

Mr. Neber further called for constant follow up and reinforcement of organizational capacity as the upsurge of desert locust infestation from neighboring countries remain critical.

Early preparation, timely and integrated response has significantly contributed in the success of the effort to control the locust swarm, Mr. Bereke Misgina, head of Agriculture branch at the sub zone commended concerted measures taken by the Ministry of Agriculture, administrations, Eritrean Defense Forces units and local communities.

In related news, effort is underway to put under control the small roaming bands of desert locust that appeared on 12 September in South Denkalia sub zone, Southern Red Sea Region.

Speaking to Erina, Mr. Ibrahim Nur, managing director of South Denkalia sub zone said that thanks to the timely and concerted control measures the desert locust infestation that stretched over 3 hectares of land has been put under control.

Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantay, Governor of the Southern Red Sea Region on his part commended all parties for their concerted efforts.

It is to be recalled that desert locust infestation that was stretched in about 250 hectares of land in Central Debkalia and Araeta sub zones was put under control recently.

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