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Locust infestation combat: Public participation commended

Nakfa, 25 September 2020 –  Thanks to the strong popular participation, the desert locust infestation that appeared in Nakfa sub-zone, Northern red Sea region has been put under control, the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the sub-zone stated.
According to Mr. Mohammed Saleh Mohammed-Ali, head of the Ministry of Agriculture branch office, some desert locust swarms have managed to cross to Nakfa sub-zone from Anseba Region through Afabet and Naro sub-zones, and thanks to the constant follow up on the part of the public and their participation the infestation was quickly put under control
Mr. Mohammed Saleh further stated that early preparations, coordinated efforts by the ministry of agriculture, residents of the subzone and defense force units, the desert locust swarm in Nakfa sub-zone was put under control before inflicting any damage to crops and vegetation.
Pointing out that desert locust infestation in bordering sub-zones still remain critical, Mr. Yakob Idris, administrator of Nakfa sub-zone said that constant follow-up will be reinforced.


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