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Contribution to bolster National Fund continues

Asmara, 27 September 2020 – In the third round of contribution to bolstering the National Fund to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, nationals residing in the Republic of South Sudan contributed 102 thousand 650 USD and 1 million 138 thousand and 350 South Sudanese Pound, according to the report from the Embassy of Eritrea to the country.

Accordingly, employees of ‘Spa Nile’ water bottling factory contributed 300 US Dollars, employees of ‘Eagle International’ 450 USD, employees of ‘Orotta’ bakery 325 USD, employees of various Eritrean business institutions 42 thousand 615 USD, and 666 thousand 600 South Sudanese Pound, several communities in South Sudan contributed a total of 17 thousand 315 USD and 454 thousand and 750 SSP.

Similarly, the YPFDJ organization in South Sudan contributed 200 USD, owner of Temesgen General Trading 5 thousand USD, owner of East Afro Construction Engineering and Trading Company 3 thousand USD, owners of Zala General Trading 6 thousand USD, owners of Canaan Company Limited 10 thousand USD, a number of small-scale business owners also contributed a total of 17 thousand 200 USD.

It is to be recalled that in the previous rounds, nationals residing in South Sudan contributed 407 thousand 994 USD and 2 million 645 thousand 700 SSP. The total contribution summed up to be 510 thousand 644 USD and 3 million 784 thousand and 50 SSP, the report added.

In related news, the Ministry of Health reported that in the last six months, nationals in Italy have contributed a total of 410 thousand 605 Euro.

As part of the contribution, the NUEW branch in Bari contributed 300 Euro, the NUEW branch in Abruzzo 200 Euro, Asteryo Mariam cooperative association in Roma 2 thousand Euro, St. Micael cooperative association in Milan 2 thousand Euro, Full Gospel Church in Firenze 500 Euro, and Hilina association in Milan 4 thousand Euro.

Moreover, Tsinat group in Germany contributed a total of 6 thousand 100 Euro, St. George cooperative association in Hanover 3 thousand 540 Euro, the Association of 20 June in Offenburg 2 thousand Euro, and Medhanie Alem cooperative association of Eritrean women in Frankfurt and its environs contributed 1 thousand Euro.

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