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Central Region: Encouraging forestation activities

Asmara, 07 October 2020 – Encouraging outcome is being registered from the forestation activities conducted over the last two decades in the Central Region.

According to Mr. Kidane Tekle, forestation expert at the Agriculture and Land Department at the Central Region, tree seedlings that cover over 10 thousand hectares of land have been planted in the region in the last 26 years by the community, individuals, and summer work programs.

Mr. Kidane made the statement during a tree seedling planting activity youth and students from Hazega conducted on 6 October. Commending the youth for their initiative, Mr. Kidane called on residents to exert proper follow-up to ensure seedling survival and growth.

Indicating that tree planted over 2,700 hectares of land in Tseazega, Adi-Konxi, Adi-Yakob, Hazega and Adi-Bidel, Berik sub-zone have grown up thanks to the construction of terraces and water diversion canals conducted, Mr. Kidane reminded the public to inculcate tree planting activities as a culture.

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