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NRS Region: Encouraging blindness prevention efforts

Asmara, 13 October 2020 – Encouraging outcome is being registered from the integrated effort being exerted in the Northern Red Sea Region with the view to expand eye treatment services and prevent blindness.

Speaking to Erina, Dr. Samuel Kebede, an ophthalmologist at Massawa Hospital said that a total of 31,000 nationals from all walks of life were given eye treatment out of whom 3,200 received successful surgeries in Massawa, Afabet, and Nakfa Hospitals.

Pointing out that residents of Gelalo, Shieb, Gindae and Massawa sub zones receive treatment at Massawa Hospital while residents of Afabet, Nakfa. Qrora and Adobha receive treatment through eye treatment campaign, Dr. Samuel noted that most eye diseases result from lack of sanitation and could easily be avoided through preventive mechanisms and medical treatment.

He went on to say that thanks to the promotional activities and effective health services being provided, the prevalence of Trachoma in Nakfa sub zone has decreased from 11% to 0.1%.

Dr. Samuel also reminded the public to avoid harmful practices that could lead to eye blindness and practice proper preventive medications.

In related news, preparations have been finalized to conduct eye treatment services in Afabet Hospital, and eyeglass manufacturing activity has begun in Massawa Hospital, the report added.

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