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MOA: Call for urgent and expedited crop harvest

Asmara, 20 October 2020 – In view of current and forecasted locust infestation originating from neighboring countries, the Ministry of Agriculture issued Advisory Notice today on urgency of ramping up and expediting harvesting and ongoing concerted locust-control activities.

Noting  desert locust swarm infestation from neighboring countries has occurred since 18 October 2020 in some areas of the Southern Region including Adi-Keih, Tsorona and Mai-Aini Sub-zones, the Ministry of Agriculture stated that concerted control measures are underway by EDF units, the public and agriculture experts.

The Ministry further reminded all parties to reinforce organizational capacity and strengthen surveillance and control measures for possible infestations.

It is to be recalled that desert locust swarm invasion that appeared in the Southern, Northern Red Sea and Southern Red Sea as well as the Central and Anseba Regions since November 2019 have been put under control through concerted efforts of the public, EDF units, administrations and agricultural professionals.

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