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Asmara College of Education graduated 519 students

Asmara, 25 October 2020 – Asmara College of Education conferred today, in a virtual format, Post-Graduate Diplomas to 108, 1st Degrees to 138, and Diplomas to 273 graduates. 239 of the 519 graduates are female students, the report added.

The College conferred Post-Graduate Diplomas, 1st Degrees, and Diplomas in 9 fields of studies including in Educational Science, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, English, Social Science, and Educational Administration.

Speaking at the event, the Assistant Dean in Academic Affairs of Asmara College of Education, Dr. Yonas Mesfin stated that the college has conferred Post-Graduate Diploma for the first time.

Dr. Yonas further said that graduation is the outcome of a concerted effort of several stakeholders and congratulated the graduates, parents, and teachers.

Asmara College of Education is graduating for its 13th Commencement.

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