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Pediatric center at Massawa Referral Hospital

Massawa, 27 October 2020 – Pediatric care center with a neonatal intensive care unit has been established at Massawa Regional Referral Hospital. Previously, infant care services had been provided under other units of the hospital due to lack of rooms and equipment, the report added.

Speaking to Erina, Dr. Berhe Tesfay, Medical Director of Massawa Regional Referral Hospital, said that general infrastructural repair activities have been conducted on the hospital and that new rooms have been added and substantial upgrading of equipment especially for pediatric services has been made resulting in the establishment of the pediatric care center at the premises of the referral hospital.

The unit has started service on 25 October, Dr. Tesfay stated.

Mr. Yirga Chane, head of administration and finances on his part noting mother and child mortality rate has significantly declined thanks to the effort being conducted in the previous years; the establishment of the pediatric center with neonatal intensive care unit attests to that fact.


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