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Ministry conducts evaluation of the MIHAP Program

The Ministry of Agriculture conducted a validation workshop on impact assessment of the ongoing Minimum Integrated Household Agricultural Package (MIHAP) on the 30th of October, 2020 at the Association of Professional Eritreans in Agricultural Sciences (APEAS) Conference Hall.

During the validation workshop; methodology, results, and recommendations with regards to the extensive survey conducted in Anseba Region on MIHAP beneficiaries were presented by a team of experts who coordinated the study.

According to the results presented, it is clear that MIHAP, in general, positively influenced the livelihood of the beneficiaries in many ways and contributed a lot in securing nutritious food in targeted villages of Sub-Regions Aditekliezan, Elabered, Habero, and Geleb.

According to the outcome of the study, however, the promotion of Improved energy saving stove (Adhanet), tree planting for firewood, beehive management were among MIHAP components that need special focus and management.

At the end of the workshop the Minister of Agriculture, H.E Arefaine Berhe forwarded the following key directives;

– MIHAP management must be reinforced from the head office up to the beneficiaries;

– Distribution of essential inputs; and their proper management must be promoted;

– Construction of top bar hive by beneficiaries must be a precondition prior to provision of modern frame hives;

– Integrated watershed management in targeted areas must be a prerequisite;

– Improved wheat, pearl millet, sorghum, and maize crops must be an integral part of the project;

– Beneficiaries should be oriented to manage their farms as Agri-business with proper farm management data and be cost-benefit sensitive.

It is to be noted that MIHAP is a program initiated in 2013 with components of an incalf-heifer; 25 chicken; two beehives; 25 trees for fruit, forage, and firewood; and plots for cereal, vegetable, and green feed production on a minimum of one-quarter of a hectare.

MOA Newsletter, November 2020 edition

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