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Locusts inflicted no significant damage on crops, MOA

Asmara, 09 November 2020 – Effective and concerted desert locust invasion control measures are underway throughout the country and no significant damage has been inflicted on crops and vegetation so far, the public relations office of the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

The report stated that the first wave of desert locust swarm invasion that appeared in mid-August 2020 was put under control and effective and concerted measures are underway to put under control the desert locust swarm invasion that came across the border from Ethiopia starting from 16 October.
According to Mr. Tedros Seyoum, head of migrating pests’ unit at the Ministry of Agriculture, concerted desert locust control operations have been conducted in over 30 thousand hectares of land throughout the country so far.

Noting that the Southern Region is the most affected area by the waves of cross boarder locust invasions, Mr. Hagos Haile, head of plant health unit in the Region said that successful locust control measures have been undertaken in over 18 thousand hectares of land at the Southern Region, thanks to the early preparation, timely and integrated response.

Mr. Hagos highlighted that over 160 thousand hectares of land has been cultivated in the Southern Region this year and that the locusts have inflicted damage on only 623 hectares of crops, which is 0.38% of the total cultivated farmland in the region.

Similarly, Mr. Asrat Haile, head of plant development in the Central Region on his part stated that effective and concerted control operations have been undertaken over 6 thousand hectares of land. Mr. Asrat further said that locusts inflicted damage on only 5 hectares of land.

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