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Auditor General’s Office provides training

Asmara, 16 November 2020 – The Office of the Auditor-General in cooperation with the Eritrean Center for Organizational Excellence from 9-20 November organized training for civil servants and internal auditors here in the Capital.

The training in which a total of 55 trainees participated focused on effective internal auditing skills as well as preparing a five years National Strategic Plan.

Speaking at the conclusion of the training, Mr. Gebrezgiabhier Gebremedhin, Auditor General, stated the training that was provided on two shifts mainly focused on designing Strategic Plan that could integrate internal auditor units in all government institutions. Mr. Gebrezgiabahier further indicated that a 2021-2025 Strategic Plan was designed and called for the robust participation of all stakeholders for its implementation.

The Executive Director of the Eritrean Center for Organizational Excellence, Dr. Abel Habtemariam on his part noted that effort is being exerted on all government institutions to comply with the Strategic Plan, called on the trainees to practically apply the knowledge they have acquired in their workplaces.


Representatives of the trainees on their part underlined the significance of the training in their workplaces as well as individual lives.

The five years National Strategic Plan is designed in such a way that all internal auditors throughout the country can work with.

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