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Commendable societal awareness on voluntary blood donation

Asmara, 29 November 2020 – Commending the already registered awareness on voluntary blood donation, health professionals called for its reinforced integrated effort on organizing awareness raising campaigns throughout the country.

At an interview conducted with Eri-TV, Prof. Tsegereda Gebrehiwet, Dr. Yosief Tewelde and Dr. Habteslasie Zerezgi commended the National Blood Transfusion Center and the National Association of Blood Donors for their contribution in supplying Hospitals with blood.

Stating the significance of blood supply in hospitals particularly during surgeries Dr. Yosief Tewelde, a surgeon at Orota National Referral Hospital, called on the society to raise awareness on voluntary blood donation and shoulder its responsibility by donating blood.

Indicating heart surgeries are conducted on about 100 children every year that demand blood supply, Prof. Tsegereda Gebrehiwet, Medical Director of Pediatric Hospital on her part, called for stakeholders to reinforce endeavors to inculcate blood donation as culture with in the society.

Dr. Habteslassie Zerezgi, Medical Director of Orota Maternity Hospital on his part stating that 10-13% of the 8-10 thousand pregnant women that annually deliver at the hospital do so through surgery, the need for blood supply and augmenting the blood reserves of the National Blood Transfusion Center is vital.

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