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Financial support to women engaged in artisan fisheries

Massawa, 23 December 2020- The Ministry Marine Resources extended financial support to women engaged in the construction and renovation of fishing nets.

The beneficiary women included 46 women from the City port of Massawa and Hirgigo and that the objective of the support was to enable them become self-supportive and productive members of the society.

Indicating that the Ministry is working with partners to enable women make proper use of the resources available in their areas in improving their livelihoods, Mr. Tiku Kidane, representative of the Ministry of Marine Resources branch, called on the beneficiary women to take advantage of the opportunity.

Mr. Tiku went on to say that similar financial support will be extended to women engaged in fishing industry in the Northern and Southern Red Sea regions.

The beneficiary women on their part expressed appreciation for the training and financial support they were provided by the Ministry and stated that they will apply the training they received on the ground and improve their livelihoods.

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