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Anseba region: Commendable pre- and post-natal visits

Keren, 25 December 2020 – Owing to the expansion of health facilities and modern medical equipment put in place as well as the deployment of skillful personnel and awareness-raising campaigns conducted throughout the Anseba region, pre- and post-natal visits by pregnant women to health facilities has exceeded 80%. The comment was made by Dr. Keseteberhan Solomon, head of the Ministry of Health branch in Anseba region.

Speaking to Erina, Dr. Keseteberhan stated that there were only 7 health facilities throughout the region in the independence year 1991 and that to date the number has increased to 37.

He further indicated that the number of health practitioners has increased from 150 to1060 including psychiatrists, dentists, ophthalmologists, and other specialized professionals resulting in the provision of full health services in the region.

Stating that barefoot-doctors are sent to remote areas that are located 10km and above away from health facilities, the head of the Ministry of Health branch in Anseba region, Dr. Keseteberhan Solomon said that effort has been exerted to equip health facilities in remote areas with modern laboratory, radiology equipment as well as digital x-ray machinery.

Pointing out that the prevalence of communicable diseases that of malaria in particular has significantly declined thanks to the concerted effort conducted in the region, Dr. Keseteberhan said that a strong focus is being given on the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

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