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Commendable eye treatment service

Adi-Keih, 25 December 2020- The Optic Treatment Center put in place in Adi-Keih sub-zone reported that is providing commendable eye treatment service.

Indicating that previously patients were forced to travel to Asmara for eye treatment, the beneficiaries said that the establishment of the center is significantly contributing to saving time and money for the patients.

Nurse Aklilu Zaid, eye surgery expert in the center, indicated that in 2020 over 5,400 eye patients from the sub-zones of Adi-Keih, Senafe, Segeneity, Mai-Aini as well as from some areas in the Northern Red Sea region have been beneficiaries from the center.

Nurse Aklilu went on to say that from 2016 to 2019 the center has distributed about 1700 eyeglasses free of charge to patients with a sight problem and that the program is ongoing.


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